One size Insoles. (289 SEK is approx. EUR 29.)

Shock absorbing sole of 4 mm High quality Neoprene fabric with nylon jersey on both sides. One size, template is included, but please use the sole you want to replace as a template.

The sole has a shock absorbing effect and is completely unprocessed to prevent disturbing chemicals.
This sole is free of added chemicals such as perfume, odor resistance, anti fungus and anti odor. The sole can be washed at 40 degrees. Dryers should be avoided due to heat and the fabric can be repainted.

The sole makes the impact from the ground efficiently dampen and relieves the load in the foot, knee, hip and back. The sole is completely free of extra support and reinforcements that can interfere with the natural way of working.
The material is very durable and has a density of 180 ± 15 kg / m3 and is manufactured in Europe.

The best for the foot and the body is to go barefoot. This sole helps the natural movement pattern of the foot which underlies a healthy and healthy body.

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