Winning lifestyle

Winning lifestyle



The book (written in swedish) contains practical advice and tests you can perform and also a week of easy to prepare and tasty recipes that are free of dairy and wheat products.

To get healthy or reach their full potential can not do anyway but must adapt their training, diet and attitude to life enough to succeed and the higher ambitions you have, the more precise and more ambitious, you have to be to raise your energy and improve communication within you.

With a high energy level and proper communication you can feel as good as possible and prevent injuries and illnesses. For the body to function as intended, you need to learn what you can eat and do as well as understand what you should avoid and motivate you to do this. Because we work with elite athletes as Michael Phelps will breeze, Therese Alshammar, hockey players, athletes, golfers and soccer players we have got direct response and measurable results to our recommendations which helped us to crystallize what is good and really works.

Our goal with this book is to inspire more people to actively begin to take greater responsibility for their own health and lifestyle!

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