RELIEF (Herbal extract)

RELIEF (Herbal extract)



RELIEF herbal extract. (222 SEK is approx. EUR 23.)

We produce four herbal tincture products designed to handle bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. These tinctures can also be useful during a change in the environment, such as an exotic holiday abroad to prevent parasites, for example. We recommend RELIEF for this purpose, but the other herbal tinctures can also strengthening and supportive.

The four herbal tinctures can be mixed, but it is usually best to take one at a time, since each blend has its own effective formula. 

If you book a treatment at KILMAN HEALTH we can check which product your body prefers. Since every human being is unique it is not possible to say which one of the formula is most effective for bacteria, for example. Consequently, we recommend clients to taking a course of each herbal tincture once a year.  If you wish to do this, a normal adult dose is 5 drops 4 times a day for a month. One bottle contains sufficient drops for this. Then leave it for a month and start the next bottle. Keep on doing this until you have taken all four tinctures. 

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