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FRIWAYs livstillskott® are designed to give the body the nutrients needed to be healthy and able to perform at its peak. All people are unique, depending on diet and exercise habits can differ very much what is most important to eat. In our guide we provide guidelines. In some cases, all products because the body processes are complex, but we also highlights what we and our customers consider most important.
All FRIWAY products can be combined with each other and can be taken with food. Want to know more read-depth information for each product or click on the links above.

Inproved skin & hair quality

Immue system

Weight control



More energy


Against colds

GROW Powder    


BASIC and grains acidifies the body. To be healthy and at peak performance needed proper pH.
GLOW gives the body energy. GLOW contain berries and green leafy vegetables with chlorophyll and other important substances that are good for the stomach, intestines and blood, which affects the body positively. See chemical analysis >>
FLOW contains vitamins and minerals from plants that provide the body's organs topics needed to be able to work optimally. See chemical analysis >>
FOCUS improves the immune system and provides the best omega 3, omega 6, omega-7 and omega-9 that we found in the world. Fats needed for hormone formation and cell walls and is vital to stay healthy and strong.
See chemical analysis >>
GROW Powder is a vegetable protein powder that contains all the amino acids and appears edifying and makes you stronger, fitter and more sustainable.
WELL is a spray of salt that contains essential minerals and trace elements that the body needs to communicate and regulate fluid balance, pH and other vital processes.
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