At KILMANINSTITUTET we consider our Privacy Policy very important. Within this policy we explain how we handle your personal data. We also outline how we manage our Website and how this affects you. “You” means the customer and visitor to our Website. “We” and “Us” refer to KILMANINSTITUTET AB.

Our Websites include www.forhumanhealth.com and www.kilmanhealth.com

In this document, we aim to explain in a clear and transparent manner how we capture, use, show, transfer and store your data, so that you can feel secure in the knowledge that your personal information is safe. KILMANINSTITUTET AB manage all personal data in accordance with Swedish privacy law (Personuppgiftslagen 1998:204) and Council of the European Union; European Parliament, (EU) 2016/679 - GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), and other relevant rules.


Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.  An identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number, name, personal identification number (personnummer), address, email address and telephone number or one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity. This also includes electronic identifiers such as IP numbers if they can be connected to a identifiable individual.


We want you to always feel safe when you leave your personal data with us. We have therefore implemented the necessary security measures in order to protect your data against unauthorised access, alterations or deletion.

1 - Collection of data

When you visit our Website we automatically gain access to your computer’s IP address and we also capture information with regard to your web browser, operating system and screen size in order that we can improve the user experience for all users of our web page.

When you make a purchase on our Website we collect the personal information that you provide, for example name, company name, address, telephone number and email address making it possible for us to deliver the products and services in a lawful way and to be able to offer the necessary support during the process.  Your personal data is used to send an order confirmation to the email address provided when the order is accepted. We may also send you other information via text message or email in connection with your order, for example an email with a delivery tracking number or a text message with a receipt for collecting an order at a pickup point.  

On our Website www.forhumanhealth.com we store information about customers undergoing physical therapies or mental training, so they can follow their progress and gain a deeper knowledge of how the body works when functioning at an optimum level. If you, as a customer, register your details, only you and your therapist can see this information. We care about your  privacy and never give this information to anybody else. The only exception is if you request your details to passed to a third party, such as an insurance company, for example.

The information is stored purely so that you as a customer can obtain the best possible treatment and follow-up and also be able to access your treatment plan online.  We are not responsible for  omitted or incorrect information. It is up to you to provide the correct details.  We respect that there may be certain information that you do not wish to disclose or register with us.

We capture personal data, such as name, company name, address, email address and personal identification number (personnummer) when your contact us via email, telephone or in other ways. This is data is essential in order to process your request.  If you are an existing customer we use the contact details that we hold so that we can fulfil our obligations to you as a customer. We process your personal data purely to assist with your query or request. We use your contact details such as email address and telephone number in order to be able to get in touch with you in connection with your questions or queries. We may also use other relevant information that we hold about you in order to process your query or request.

E-marketing: Subject to your consent we may send you emails about our products and services in the form of newsletters, blogs, video clips, text books, tips and recommendations etc. or information regarding events such as webinars, courses or free presentations for example. We use the marketing solution ‘Keap’, to track your responses to our mailshots, such as whether the email has been opened or forwarded, attachments have been downloaded, clicks etc. You can opt out of our mailing list at any time by clicking  “Unsubscribe” or “Avsluta”. We also use ‘Google Analytics’.

When you provide personal data to us you are always in control of which particular details you wish to disclose. This means that, occasionally, in the case of inaccurate or insufficient information we may be unable to provide the requested service.

2 - Consent

By using our Websites you agree to our Privacy Policy.

If you provide personal data during a credit card payment transaction to order or arrange delivery of a product or service, this constitutes consent for us to capture your data and use it for that particular purpose in connection with that transaction.

Personal data in relation to health is covered by a special category of data in accordance with article 9.1 Dataskyddsförordningen (Data Protection Law). According to article 9.2 a) and h) you can give your consent that your personal health data may be processed by us. Consent is given when you provide your data to us.

A person must have attained age 16 in order to be able to give valid consent for processing of personal data. We assume that a person is aged 16 or over if they state that they are. Individuals under 16 must ask their parent or guardian to give consent on their behalf. The parent or guardian must give their consent in a letter or by telephone.

If we ask for your personal information for any other reason such as subscribing to our email or other e-marketing, we will ask you for your consent and give you the option to withdraw your consent at any time by clicking  “Unsubscribe” or “Avsluta”, alternatively “End Subscription” “Avsluta Prenumeration”. These options to opt out are included in every marketing email we send you.  You can also contact us at any time at info@kilmanhealth.com or info@forhumanhealth.com or by letter to KILMANINSTITUTET AB, Rastaborgsvägen 12, 178 90 Ekerö, Sweden.

3 - Data Processing

KILMANINSTITUTET AB treat your personal data in accordance with current rules.  The personal data is collected for the express purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. KILMANINSTITUTET AB never process your data for any other purpose. KILMANINSTITUTET AB only process information that is relevant for the particular purpose.

PLEASE NOTE: We never sell, give away or offer for hire your personal information to a third party.

4 - Digital storage of data

We use the e-commerce platform Zencart which integrates with our digital marketing tool ‘Keap’. We also use Kajabi for education and information materials. The payment systems we use in our web shop are nets and DIBS Easy. With regard to seminars and conferences we may also use iZettle and Swish. These companies provide e-commerce solutions enabling us to sell and deliver our products and services to you.

If you book treatments or therapies at KILMANINSTITUTET AB on our Website, this is done via Boka Direkt.

Your information may be stored by Zencare, iZettle, Swish, nets, Kajabi, Boka Direkt and Keap. They store your data on secure servers behind a firewall. Our digital marketing tool Keap is integrated with social media in order to update our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) campaigns. Should we invoice you outside of the web shop for example in respect of health treatments, this is processed by VISMA. Your data in relation to invoicing is stored securely on servers reinforced by firewalls.

www.forhumanhealth.com is built on Joomla system software and CMS (content management system). In this database we store your user information, i.e username, name and email address in order than you can log in and gain access to information and our services.

In accordance with GDPR (https://www.datainspektionen.se/dataskyddsreformen/dataskyddsforordningen/) you are informed that the data you provide at registration is treated in a confidential manner for the specific purpose the data was captured, in order that your relationship with us or the health specialist you are booking/consulting can be managed in a satisfactory manner. Your data may be used for reminders and marketing purposes. By law you are entitled to apply in writing once a year to have access to any of your personal data held. You may also log into your profile and check the data stored at your convenience. You also have the right to request amendments or corrections to data that we hold.  In addition, you have a legal right to request that your data is removed. You can do this via email, post or simply click “Forget Me” or “Glöm mig” on the Website www.forhumanhealth.com . Please note, should you request to remove your data, we cannot answer any questions about past treatments, as we will no longer have access to the information.

Our Websites operate under a Swedish internet hosting service (Web hotel) with high standards of security. We also use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) for encrypted transfer of data between the server and the Website. HTTPS connections are used to enhance security within a company in respect of login and handling of personal data and also to protect the user’s privacy. HTTPS prevents the connection from being intercepted by a third party and should enable the user to trust that the server is genuine.

5 - Contractors

We use a number of contractors, for example, delivery agents and payment processing services in order to be able to deliver the products to our customers and for taking payments for goods or services.  Some contractors have their own Privacy Policy in force regarding their services and we recommend that you familiarise yourself with these, so that you are aware how they handle your data. Please note that we may use contractors in different countries and if you decide to finalise a purchase by using a payment processor based abroad for example, the capture of your data is bound by the laws and regulations specific to the country where they are based. When you leave our Website and enter one of our contractors’ Websites you are no longer bound by our Privacy Policy.

Links: When you click on a link on our Websites you may be redirected to other companies’ or organisations’ websites. We are not responsible for the Privacy Policies for those websites and we recommend that you read their respective Privacy Policies accordingly.

6 - Security

In order to protect your data we adopt security measures and follow industry best practice to ensure that we do not share, misuse, give away, disclose, change or delete your personal data.

We sell high quality nutritional supplements in our web shops and these have HACCP and GMP certification and are certified organic. We therefore have obligations to follow certain food safety standards and other rules. In case there is a problem with an ingredient or the manufacture of a product, we must be able to identify the batch wherefrom a customer has purchased the item, so that we can contact the customer and recall/replace the product. We must also follow Swedish accounting law, which means we must keep certain data for a specific time period. 

Nevertheless, if you still want to be removed from our registers or have any questions, please contact us at info@kilmanhealth.com or info@forhumanhealth.com.  Alternatively, you can send a letter to KILMANINSTITUTET AB, Rastaborgsvägen 12, 178 90 Ekerö, Sweden.

7- Cookies

We use cookies to make the online experience more personal for customers visiting our Websites.  For example we use cookies so that users can log in and save their user name and password so that they won’t have to enter the details again at the next visit to the Website. We also use cookies to keep statistics with regard to the geographic origin of our users and the functionality of the Website.  We use cookies from Google, Keap and Joomla. In addition, we use cookies from Facebook and Google for re-targeting marketing purposes. If you wish to remove our cookies or all cookies from your computer, this can be done via your web browser usually in Tools or Privacy settings.

8 - Changes to this Privacy Policy

We constantly update this Privacy Policy to mirror any changes in our business and the way we treat your privacy and integrity.  We inform our customers if we make any significant changes.

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