Frequently asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions we are usually asked. 

How do you select the products you offer in your web shop?
We constantly search for the best and most effective products in order to help the human body to achieve balance and harmony. The products we offer are the ones we have found to give the best results.

  • FRIWAY life supplements® provide the most nutritious food in the form of a nutritional supplement.
  • Water filters and pH-9 bottles provide good, clean water - something that we all need.
  • The health necklace helps the body to improve energy levels and handle for example EMFs and similar environments better.
  • The various vitamins, minerals and herbs on sale are those we saw during  our treatment programmes that the body requires.
  • The books contain important knowledge and information, useful in motivating yourself to become the best you can be.

How do I order products from KILMAN HEALTH?
Simply log on to our web shop at www.kilmanhealth.com and make your purchases. You can also email your order to info@kilmanhealth.com or ring 08-649 40 20, but please note, a delivery charge is added.

Can I amend my order if I have forgotten to add a product?
You can always make an additional order to add further products. Unfortunately, this cannot be added to the original order when calculating delivery costs. Please therefore check your order carefully before submitting.

Is delivery charge included or an additional cost?
Orders over 2000 SEK are free. Orders below 2000 SEK within Sweden carry a delivery charge of 89 SEK. Overseas delivery cost is 255 SEK.

How do I pay?
The web shop, www.kilmanhealth.com accepts payment via card, invoice or Swish for orders within Sweden. If you want us to send an invoice you need to provide your Swedish national number (personnummer) or organisation number. Your registered address is verified and a credit search is made. Invoices should be paid within 10 days. All orders outside Sweden must be paid by card.

Do I get a receipt for my order?
You will receive an order confirmation to your email address when we receive your order. You can then track your invoice at myafterpay.com/sv-se. Log in with BankID.

There is a problem with my invoice. What do I do?
All invoice queries are handled by MyAfterpay. They can be reached on telephone number +46 340 59 61 01 or email kundservice@afterpay.se. You can also view your invoices at myafterpay.com/sv-se. Log in with BankID.

Can I order your products outside of Sweden?
Yes, you can order from www.kilmanhealth.com even outside Sweden. All international orders must be paid by card and the delivery charge is 255 SEK.

What is the timescale for delivery?
We dispatch products Monday - Friday and if you order from the web shop before 9 am on a weekday, we send your products the same day. If you order via telephone or mail, it may take an extra day or so before your order is packed and dispatched.

Will the products be delivered to my home address?
Orders are sent via Postnord and will be delivered to the nearest pick up point unless otherwise indicated. If you want the package sent to an alternative address than your registered address, you need to contact us. In most cases we should be able to send to the desired address.

Can I collect my products from you to speed up delivery?
Yes, you can pick up your order at KILMANHEALTH AB , Bryggavägen 127 178 31 Ekerö

What happens if my product is faulty?
Contact us straight away if you find a fault with your product and we will replace it. Our contact details are info@kilmanhealth.com or telephone 08-649 40 20. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 8 am to 10 am.

Can I change my mind about my purchase?
If you change your mind you can return the products within 14 days and receive a refund. The products must be unopened.

Why is it beneficial to take FRIWAY life supplements?
FRIWAY life supplements have been developed after extensive tests in order to give the body the required nutrition without disturbing any of the body’s organs or processes. In our work we have noted that in certain supplements the ingredients don't work in harmony, which leads to reduced efficacy or even a negative effect on both organs and processes within the body, especially if the products are taken over the longer term. Some supplements can give positive results in the short term, but if you are taking a substance for a prolonged period it becomes very important that it suits every part of your body, otherwise you risk health problems in some areas, depending on which organ or bodily process is affected.

FRIWAY life supplements contain only nature’s purest and best and are manufactured in accordance with ISO 222000,  HACCAP and the pharmaceutical standard GMP, which ensures high quality and guarantees that they are free from illegal substances, such as doping classified components. Our life supplements have helped our clients to regain their health when nothing else worked and many elite athletes have improved their performance significantly since starting to use the products.

I use other supplements - how do I know if they are helping me?
If you want to check if your nutritional supplements suit you, book a product test session with us. Bring your products along. A product check costs 300 SEK. We test which supplements you can tolerate, absorb and utilise.

Which FRIWAY product should I choose?
FRIWAYs life supplements® are easy for the body to absorb and utilise because they have been meticulously put together with natural produce only. All  ingredients have been carefully tested, on their own and together, to make sure they support the body’s organs and processes perfectly.  Below is a summary of each product. Click on the links for further details.    

  • BASIC sets the foundation for health by raising the body’s pH.  Stress, hard work-outs, sugar, alcohol, animal proteins and cereals acidify the body. To get healthy and perform well, the correct pH is required and this product will help.
  • GLOW gives the body energy. GLOW contains berries, green leafy vegetables with chlorophyll and other important substances great for the stomach, intestines and the blood, which has a positive effect on the entire body.
  • FLOW contains Chinese herbs with vitamins and minerals from the plant kingdom that give the organs of the body the substances needed to work optimally.
  • HEALTH contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from the plant kingdom, mostly Nordic berries, that help the body's cells to withstand oxidative stress from, for example, free radicals.
  • FOCUS improves the immune system and contains the best fatty acids (omega 3, omega 6, omega 7 and omega 9) sourced  from all over the world. Fats are needed for hormone formation and cell walls and are essential in order to stay healthy and strong.
  • WELL is a spray salt containing essential minerals and trace elements that the body needs to communicate and regulate fluid balance, pH and other vital processes.
  • GROW Powder is a vegetable protein powder based on organic hemp that contains all amino acids, which are important for protein synthesis, making  you stronger, more vibrant whilst increasing stamina.
  • RELIEF is a herbal extract mixture developed to help the immune system to eliminate bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.
  • RESCUE is a herbal extract mixture developed to help the immune system to eliminate bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.
  • RESET is a herbal extract mixture developed to help the immune system to eliminate bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.
  • REMOVE is a herbal extract mixture developed to help the immune system to eliminate bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.
  • D-vitamin contains D3, classified as both vitamin and hormone, and is important for the body's immune response, muscular and mental health.
  • B-vitamin Complex contains B vitamins that are immensely important for the body's cells and processes.
  • MAGNESIUM is important for many processes within the body. It is found in chlorophyll in GLOW, but sometimes you need extra. Our Magnesium contains Mg gluconate och Mg lactate powder, as we found these give the best results.
  • DIAMOND is C60, water soluble fullerene, unlocked in a salt spray. Diamond contains essential  minerals  and  trace elements required by the body in order to communicate internally,  regulate fluid balance, pH and other vital processes.

What can I do to give my body better nutrition if I can’t afford to buy life supplements right now?
Start by eating healthier. Eat more vegetables and berries and avoid wasting money on wheat, sugar and dairy. Exercise, be mindful of deep and relaxed breathing and drink pure water. That will be a good foundation. Try to improve your finances so that you can give yourself the best possible nutrition. It will pay dividends in the long run.  Eating just food, however,  is not enough in today’s world as vitamins and minerals in crops have been depleted and the environmental stress on our bodies has increased.

How can FOCUS be recommended when it contains more omega-6, which some studies claim is harmful?
Extensive research has been undertaken with regard to oils and opinions are divided. In the research laboratories you will find both truths and non-truths. If something is to be totally true then it must be categorically so, which is seldom the case. Studies can also have limits imposed in order to generate different results. Some research has indicated that high doses of omega-6 are harmful whilst other studies show the opposite. 

In our world at KILMANINSTITUTET we work with the human body and can see how it reacts. The FOCUS formula was developed with the help of blind tests in order to ensure an unbiased result. We only checked the composition by sending the oil to the lab after we made the product. Customers who have used our oil are now free from inflammatory processes and some have achieved a perfect composition of fatty acids despite the high omega-6 content. We believe this is due to the way the oil is combined to give the body the building blocks it needs to create the best potential for health.

In Sweden Ulf Risérus is today a prominent researcher of fats and he has shown in several studies that saturated fats (trans fats and animal fats such as butter) that are hard in room temperature are harmful, whilst the fats that are soft in room temperature and are unsaturated or polyunsaturated (vegetable oils) are healthy and reduce the risk of for example heart disease.

What is RDA?
RDA means Recommend Daily Allowance. It is a guide indicating how much of a vitamin or mineral you should consume each day. Some scientists claim that many values are too low and others state the opposite, but  RDA can be a useful guide when you want to plan your meals for the day. 

We have seen that uptake can vary depending on the composition and nutrients can be lost during the preparation and manufacture of the products. This may explain why our products give such good results despite sometimes only providing trace elements of certain vitamins and minerals.

What if I have further questions?
You can find lots of information on our home page www.kilmanhealth.com . You can also email us at info@kilmanhealth.com

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