pH Test

pH Test



pH test strips. (119 SEK is approx. EUR 12.)
By testing the pH of your saliva and urine, you get a picture of your pH. The tests do not give the whole truth about the body's pH, but it is a quick and easy method to monitor your health.


  1. Tear off a small piece of the test strip.
  2. Dip the strip into the liquid you want to test. 
  3. Compare the color of the paper with the color scale on the packaging. 
The pH of human saliva and urine can vary widely but it should be above 7.2 in the morning for you to be able to stay healthy and feel energized. You can increase the pH value with the help of deep relaxed breathing, changes in diets with less grain, animal proteins and sugar and more berries and vegetables. You can also use our life supplement BASIC to increase your body's pH value.

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