RESET (Herbal extract)

RESET (Herbal extract)



RESET herbal extract. (222 SEK is approx. EUR 23.)

 Our four herbs are designed to deal mainly bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

The herbs can also be useful when changing the environment on such a trip abroad. Then we recommend primarily RELIEF but the other herbs can be invigorating.

You can mix the herbs but we have seen that it is best to just take one at a time as they already contain a mixture of herbs that we have seen work optimally together.

Each person is unique and it is not yet possible to say which of the mixtures are, for example, effective for bacteria, but for those who want it is possible to eat eg a course of each herb per year to support the body.

A normal sized adult is recommended to take about 5 drops 4 times a day for one month for a bottle should suffice.

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