FOCUS jar (Omega oils)

FOCUS jar (Omega oils)



FOCUS capsules. (349 SEK is approx. EUR 35.)

FOCUS contains the best organic cold-pressed oils with omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 sourced from all over the globe. It has a unique fatty acid composition that doesn't age (as proven in labs) despite containing avocado and linseed oils, which normally oxidise quickly. No preservatives are added, just organic oils, in the best composition we could find to support   cells, immune system, hormone formation, intelligence, energy consumption and digestion.

Fatty acids protect the nerve cells and without the right amount of fatty acids your nervous system would function as electrical cables without isolation which are at risk of short circuiting. The brain, the heart, the vascular system and internal organs, such as adrenal glands and pancreas also need fatty acids.

Healthy fats are simply vital to our health. Vegetable oils are the easiest fats for the body to break down and transform into exactly the fatty acids required to keep healthy. FOCUS is formulated to give your body maximum absorption of these vital fatty acids, laying the foundation for good health and increasing well-being.

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