PH9 Generator

PH9 Generator



pH Generator bottle. (139 SEK is approx. EUR 14.)
pH generator raises the pH value of the water or the beverage pouring in the bottle which helps the body balance its pH value. It is made of 100% organic materials based on corn with added minerals. The bottle holds for 2 years of use if you drink three bottles a day and once a week wipe the bottle and let it rest and recharge yourself for 24 hours. Do you use the bottle to the other, as juices or protein drinks, holding it for 1 years. The bottle must not be exposed to heat or detergent. Over 55 degrees deteriorating effect, and if the bottle was heated to 85 degrees it becomes corrupted.
pH generator also improves ORP value (oxidation reduction potential) that allows water molecules cluster becomes smaller and the body can absorb the water and you mixed in the water or in the bottle more effective.
pH generator is in asia classified as Medically Approved because of the health effects of given users and in the US the FDA approved.

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