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At KILMANINSTITUTETwe believe in the human body’s ability to self-heal and we work withhelping our customers to strengthen their immune system in a natural way. We don’t promise or guarantee results from the treatments that we offer and we cannot do so by law.  We never treat any specific illnesses or conditions, but instead support our customers to improve their immune defence to enable them to overcome their health challenges by themselves.

 We offer treatments and provide training courses in the following methods:

  • TUNING® - a mental self-development technique for the mind
  • HKT® - Holographic Kinesiology - a physical treatment system for the body

KILMANINSTITUTET provide health treatments, sell nutritional supplements together with other health products and operate training courses teaching the above methods.

We actively work to train health therapists and we educate them to a high ethical and educational standard. We treat all our customers in an equal manner regardless of their age, gender, ethnic origin, religious conviction or sexual orientation etc. Fundamentally, we are all the same and this is evident when we work with the truth of the body and teach HKT® and TUNING®.  Therapists who attend our training courses are offered further specialist training. Those who fulfil our quality standards can also, if they so wish, use our customer care programme and business system www.forhumanhealth.com. We ensure the calibre of the therapists who are registered on our web pages by co-operating closely with them, and by keeping their skills and knowledge up to date by providing continuous further education courses.

The trademark FOR HUMAN HEALTH was created when many of our customers asked for a name to identify the lifestyle that we recommend, where both diet and training are governed by the reactions of the body. This lifestyle follows the natural laws of the body. The customer learns to read the reactions of their nervous system and as a consequence they can avoid the products and substances that affect them in a negative way, enabling them to instead choose food and products that are neutral or positive for body and mind.

Time and time again, wehave seen in our work that the human body is fantastic at self-healing! This happens once the body understands how it should function and when the correct resources are made available. The results of our treatments speak for themselves, but it’s our customers and their bodies who do the work. We only support and coach them along the path of their health journey.

KILMANINSTITUTET also offer health conscious companies assistance to develop products which are well suited to the human body, i.e supplements that don’t disturb the nervous system and the body’s communication pathways. In order to assure the quality of the FOR HUMAN HEALTH certified products, they undergo initial testing by KILMANINSTITUTET. Thereafter, continuous random quality checks are carried out.  Products are also tested when there is a change to an ingredient or the manufacturing process. If we discover that a certified product is not up to standard we announce this on our home page  www.forhumanhealth.com and we contact the manufacturer to ensure that they improve their product. If they fail to do so, they must remove the FOR HUMAN HEALTH certification. 

If you have any questions or feedback with regard to our treatments or certified products, please do not hesitate to contact us via info@kilmaninstitutet.se or info@forhumanhealth.com

When you have a user account with KILMANINSTITUTET AB (www.kilmaninstitutet.se) (“The Website”) it enables us to process orders and store the relevant details about you and the products that you buy.  In order to register an account, the Account Holder must give their consent to our terms and conditions.  For company (corporate) clients, the Account Holder means the company as well as their representatives.

Persons aged 18 or over with a permanent address and email address can register as Account Holder. If a person under 18 wishes to register they will need the consent of a parent or guardian.

Registration is free.

You become an Account Holder when you accept our terms and conditions,  have been registered in our system and an account has been opened via the Website. A confirmation email to the email address you provided confirms the registration.

We may terminate the account without any obligations to the Account Holder and without advance notice under the following circumstances:

  • misuse, (such as breach of terms and conditions, fraud or attempted fraud, unauthorised changes, re-sale or transfer of documents to another person)
  • inappropriate behaviour

Written confirmation is issued following the closure of the account, outlining the reasons for the termination.

An Account Holder may at any time close their account by contacting us. Our contact details are listed at the end of these terms and conditions.

As an Account Holder you have an obligation to notify us of any amendments to your details such as name and address modifications. You should also keep yourself up to date regarding any changes to these terms and conditions. You will find the information about possible changes on the Website.

When you register as an Account Holder we process the personal data that you provide. This is done according to our Privacy Policy.

These terms and conditions for accounts are valid in the form that they are published on the Website and we reserve the right to make changes to an account or these terms and conditions at any time.

We are not responsible for any losses (over and above any statutory rights by law) due to changes in our terms and conditions and we are not in any way obligated to compensate an Account Holder or third party for such losses.

These terms and conditions are not applicable to purchases on the Website. The Account Holder must keep up to date with the Terms and Conditions for Purchases and Delivery, unless specifically expressed in these terms and conditions.

Should a dispute occur regarding an account, which cannot be resolved by an agreement between the parties, it should be settled according to Swedish Law/Swedish Court.

For more information, specific questions, feedback or complaints as well as requests to change or remove personal details, please contact us on info@kilmaninstitutet.se or info@forhumanhealth.com. Alternatively, write to us at KILMANINSTITUTET AB, Rastaborgsvägen 12, 178 90 Ekero, Sweden.

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