Product certification showing that the product is neutral or positive for mankind!
FOR HUMAN HEALTH certification and the brand has been developed to guide consumers in their product selection. The body is a finely tuned instrument and even if you are very adaptable and have an immune system that can handle a lot, there are limits to both what you can tolerate and especially what you feel good. The products approved are possible to eat and use without your body or your nervous system is disrupted or react incorrectly.
In order to feel as good as possible and keep the energy level you are meant to have, you should really only use the FOR HUMAN HEALTH - certified products or products that meet the same high standards of quality. When you eat and use products that never depletes your reserves or interferes with your nervous system, you can send, receive and process your signal traffic giving you the basic preconditions for good health.
Approved products can still have individual substances themselves which can interfere with the body but on the whole certified products at worst neutral for humans.
All products used in, on and outside the body can be certified as food, dietary supplements, skin care products, clothing, shoes, cell phones and computers. In addition, cleaning products, paints and other chemicals tested.
Companies interested in receiving assistance in connection with its own product development are also welcome to contact info@forhumanhealth.com.
FRIWAYs goal is to both the product as a whole and each individual ingredient should be clear to HUMAN HEALTH certification requirements to ensure that all the cells and organs can work and communicate optimum laying the foundations for health!
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