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In order to achieve maximum health, eating ordinary food is no lo enough as it contains less nutrition than 50 years ago. We are also exposed to more environmental toxins than before so it is important to strengthen the immune system to minimize injuries and illnesses. 

At the KILMAN INSTITUTE, we have been treating customers who wanted to improve their health and performance for 30 years. As we worked with strengthening our clients' immune systems, we noticed that many people needed better nutrition - vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein powders and other supplements that are good for the body.

The body's organs and cells always need the best possible nutrition to work optimally. Since we specialize in reading the nervous system, we can read directly what fits the body and not. When we were unable to find enough nutritional supplements in the market, we started making our own. FRIWAY's Life Supplements® contain the purest and most healthy organic food we found in the world. The products are vegan and completely free of allergens, for maximum absorption and best possible effect. Each ingredient, capsule and filler has been thoroughly tested to fit together and build up the body.

Our clients got help with for example:

ENDURANCE – Britta Johansson Norgren, Cross Country skier with the most Ski Classic victories and medals since 2011. In 2019 she won Vasaloppet (90km) for the 2nd time. Perhaps one of the best female endurance athletes in the world?

STRENGTH – Per, Eddie and Donna Berglund, world record holder and Bench Press World Champion 2019.

EXPLOSIVE – Lars Frölander, Olympic gold medalist thanking Ulf Kilman for the gold, saying he couldn’t have done it without Ulf.

INJURY FREE – Henok Goitom, Captain of AIK - 2018 winners of the Swedish Football Premier League. Injury-free, he was one of the few players who played every league game during the entire football season.

BACK TO HEALTH – Kishti Tomita Touré Voice coach and judge on the TV programme Idol. “KILMAN INSTITUTE identified the problems affecting my body and found the solutions others had missed”.

FLEXIBILITY – Lotta Zebsta practices yoga for many years but it wasn’t until she took help from Ulf Kilman and begun eating FRIWAY Life Supplements® that her body answered fully.

STRESS – Jennie-Lee Hermansson, Rally driver and Police Officer. ”Today I’m stronger and better than ever and a master at handling physical and mental stress, both in and out of work. Your methods and product are simply the BEST.”

ANTI-AGEING – Therese Alshammar who was the eldest swimmer in the world to win 50 m freestyle. Oscar Jansson, Pole Vaulter,  who, aged 45 still jumps over 5m.

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